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The Apprentice

Jessica Lingonstierna is an entrepreneur who runs the impressive boot company ACQUO of Sweden. With a feeling for quality and sustainability, she creates luxurious fashion boots for women in the middle of life and has built a large customer network with satisfied customers all over the world. The company with its unique high fashion boots […]

Step into the world of ACQUO

The world’s first book featuring exclusive ACQUO Wellington Boots is finally here! The vintage Swedish company ACQUO of Sweden manufactures and sells the world’s most exclusive wellington boots. As part of Swedish industrial history since the 70s, they have now published a lavish book that presents the handmade and 100 percent vegan boot as both […]

Original boots from the 70’s – MAGICAL OFFER GOING ON RIGHT NOW

Do you remember ORIGINAL ACQUO boots with the lovely names Fifth Avenue, Via Condotti, Faubourg St. Honore, New Bond Street, Covent Garden and The Met?? ACQUO Rubber Boots from that are over 40 years old but have never been worn. Fifth Avenue Via Condotti Faubourg St. Honore New Bond Street Covent Garden The Met We […]

ACQUO boots in the tropical sunshine

Jessica Lingonstierna is the CEO and founder of ACQUO of Sweden, a brand known for its trendy and exclusively designed high end rubber boots. Jessica has 20 years of experience in sales, customer relations and marketing. For the past 3 years, she has been representing ACQUO as founder, owner, developer and product designer, and has […]

ACQUO of Sweden Webpage is now available in 6 languages

ACQUO boots were initially introduced in the 1970’s by Mr.Sjostrand of Sweden who developed the idea of a beautiful high quality rubber boot for the very first time. The boots were specially designed for women to provide a chic and trendy look for all seasons. After years of research and development, Jessica re-created the brand […]

ACQUO Super Shine Spray is finally here!

Say Hello to ACQUO Shine spray Our new family member here at ACQUO of Sweden. ACQUO Super Shine Spray is a spray-on product designed to work quickly and restore the beautiful shine of your ACQUO Rubber Boots. It keeps your rubber boots clean and sealed from dust and provides a long lasting, deep shine. Simply […]

Over the knee boots – Always in Fashion

Over the knee boots have been in fashion since the 70’s. ACQUO of Sweden offer elegant and stylish rubber boots that are perfect for every season. These long rubber boots have a chic look in both sunny and rainy weather. They are also called Wellington boots and inspire style icons to create a cutting-edge look, […]