aqcuo rubber boots new sole

Wow! We can finally show ACQUO’s new sole.

As you can see it’s like the original high heel ACQUO boot sole but  improved with ACQUO’s logo printed on the sole to ensure that it is an authentic ACQUO rubber boot.

The production is going on right now and the ACQUO rubber boots will be for sale in April. As soon as we can, we will also show you product pictures of all of our 8 models and with low and high heel.

We hope you love the new ACQUO rubber boot as much as we do. More pictures will be on our website in a short while, this is the first sneak peak for all ACQUO lovers.

the met

Covent Garden, The Met and Faubourg St Honoré

Covent Garden, The Met and Faubourg St Honoré are some of the names of the ACQUO boots made in the 1970’s. Some of you probably have those boots and many of you recognize the names. We are now waiting for our new 2016 version of ACQUO boots and are doing our best to have them on the market in April 2016.

The new ACQUO boots will be almost the same as Covent Garden, The Met and Faubourg St Honoré. We are not changing a winning concept that many people love. The picture is the old logo of ACQUO, we have improved the logo and it will now be printed on every boot to assure you of an authentic ACQUO boot.