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Rubber boots by ACQUO of Sweden

ACQUO of Sweden is a Swedish brand with our roots in the 70’s. The ACQUO boot has a long and successful history and quickly became a highly fashionable and popular boot when it was first launched in the 70’s, and has since then reached iconic status.

ACQUO boots have been greatly sought after for many years and when we announced a relaunch with our new and exciting designs the interest was tremendous. We are extremely happy to present to you our new, exciting, and modern collection of ACQUO boots – of course with the same iconic feel to them as our rubber boots from the 70s! We hope you’ll love them as much as we do!

Free international shipping

ACQUO always offer free international shipping of our lovely rubber boots, whatever the quantity, you will always get free shipping.

From Sweden to you with love ♥


We have the original ACQUO SHOP but NOW we can also offer ACQUO OUTLET with 40% OFF the price!
A golden opportunity available now for all who love ACQUO Rubber Boots! ACQUO invites you to take advantage of our unique offer and obtain a pair of boots at a discounted price.

See link in the menu above. ACQUO Boots are extremely popular. You have several variations to choose from; 4 shaft heights, 2 heel heights, 8 different models and 10 sizes!

Get inspiration on how to wear your ACQUO rubber boot!

We want to inspire you to play with your style and with our wellies, have a look on how fabulous a pair of rubber boots can look! Don’t compromise your look because it’s raining.

Luxury rubber boots in unique Swedish design

ACQUO boots are handmade rubber boots in a unique Swedish design. Our boots were first made in the late 70s in Sweden and became extremely popular and highly fashionable to wear. Re-launched in 2016, we have returned with new exciting versions of our boots!

Vegan friendly boots

We care about the environment, the animals and our customers, and want to offer animal friendly fashion. The shaft and sole of ACQUO boots are made of 100% natural rubber and every part of the boot is made of vegan friendly materials and ingredients. We want to make our boots interesting for everyone! They are a great alternative to leather – if they get dirty you simply wash them off and they will be as new again. The perfect boot for every occasion!

An exclusive alternative to leather

What our customers says:

My Lexington are so stunning. I am happy with the boots, I am happy with the box and also happy with the beautiful gift you added. Thank you. I will order more boots and I will spread your brouchers. Lets grow more !!!!!


I just wanted to drop you a quick note and let you know I received the boots on Thursday. Thank you for your wonderful customer service, excellent communication and terrific product, which actually turned out to be a great value since shipping from Sweden to California was included in the cost and took only two days!


I absolutely love these boots. They are so so so beautiful. WOW, I adore them so much. The box also is so very beautiful

Thanks from a happy couple in Germany that will buy more boots soon.


We received our new boots last week. The quality of the workmanship is superb. I expect that the boots will last a long time.

Last week, we had a big rain storm with high winds and driving rain. I wore my boots with a short raincoat. While the other ladies were getting soaked, I stayed dry during our entire time walking and shopping.

During my stroll, I received numerous compliments on my great looking boots and questions about where I had purchased them, how expensive they were, etc. I enjoyed the attention and staying warm and dry. These are the best looking and most functional boots that I have ever had. I am ordering another pair – this time the taller Manhattan.

Finally, my husband thinks the boots look great on me! That counts a lot for me.


Is in Amsterdam and has received the boots 🙂 They are so beautiful and they fit perfectly.
Thanks for great shoes and great service. Five stars out of five 🙂
They have been out walking in the streets this evening.


Thank you so very much for the amazing boots. Love them to death! Will order more pairs tonight 🙂
Love the box also, and our email conversation, you are great!


Take it from me. These boots are superb. Put them on and you will not want to take them off. Impeccable craftsmanship, highest quality materials, elegant packaging, lightning fast shipping and superb customer service all combine to make the process of buying these boots as pleasurable as it is wearing them.


Dear Acquo,

Our order has just arrived. The boots fit perfectly and we are delighted with the high quality. The  box, contents and presentation and details are of the highest order. The lovely quality, fit and  aroma the boots give off are a delight!  Many thanks for excellent service.

Happy Christmas,

Bill and GayDear Acquo


First of all I would like to say many thanks again for all Your kindness and helping to choose the right size.
I have got Your fabulous Savannah rubber thigh-boots recently and I am totally impressed with them!
These boots have fantastic shiny looks, they are sexy, comfy and I cannot tell You how much I love them! J
When I tried them on first, I was afraid of being too tight, but they’re fit perfect everywhere along on my legs.
I think, the measures in measure table are a little bit misleading, but fortunately there was no problem with bootleg.
Acquo boots are exclusive, unique, the design and the material are high-end quality, so I am fully satisfied.
I wish You many many sense of achievement in marketing, because You produced a fantastic, matchless nice thing!
People turn around when I take a walk in my new boots, because they had never seen any in hungarian shops.
The heel height of high-heeled models are magnificent, however if it could be possible to manufacture with
a little bit higher heels also, that would be marvelous!

And if You let me one more desire: I read about one of Jessica’s interview that You will considerig new colors
and models for the future generation of ACQUO boots, so I can say it surely I would be the first customer,
who will gladly purchase another pair of Acquo thigh-boots in another color and also with higher heels. 😉

My best wishes and good luck for growing of Your business!

Thanks and regards!


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