Luxury rubber boots
for all occasions


Luxury rubber boots
for all occasions

Vegan friendly

Premium Rubber Boots

The one of a kind ACQUO boot is the first high fashion rubber boot with as many as 8 different models and designs to choose from. Walk on the red carpet or play with the kids in the mud, with ACQUO’s boots you can do anything, with anyone.

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this amazing book is available in the web shop.



Step into the world of ACQUO

An exciting Book from ACQUO of Sweden with photography from Sweden, United Kingdom and New York.

We want to invite you into our world where an everyday walk becomes art. this is a luxurious COFFEE TABLE BOOK with unique never before seen pictures of our ACQUO world!

The book depicts strong, independent and beautiful women & our amazing design in new settings. We depict the world of ACQUO with the love we have for all women & for our product. We invite you to step into the ACQUO world & dream yourself away into the world of stylish everyday luxury.

Powerful women, timeless design, lovely outfits and great accessories together with the stunning and practical ACQUO Boot. The boot itself with its clean and simple lines is black and made out of natural rubber. It is retro and vintage as well as modern and high fashion at the same time with its design from the 1970’s.

ACQUO of Sweden as a brand has become a breath of fresh air with its stunning and edgy fashion rubber boots and we want to celebrate that with this amazing hard cover book filled with new pictures. The book will serve as a beautiful decoration piece as well as a world to lose yourself in & to inspire you to go outside and play in the rain.

From Sweden to you with love ♥

ACQUO accessories

Try our ACQUO super shine to give your wellingtons a long lasting visible deep shine and intensive care. Or why not buy a gift card for someone you like? Perfect for christmas, birthdays or just as a surprise!

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Rubber boots in Swedish design

✓ 100% vegan brand
✓ Wide range of shaft heights
✓ Handmade with high-quality design
✓ Trendy boots with a retro touch
✓ Soft boots with a comfortable fit
✓ Exclusive collection with 8 different models
✓ Made of Natural Rubber
✓ Weatherproof & waterproof
✓ Stylish and elegant for wearing every season
✓ We offer higher heel or with a flat heel.
✓ Comes in all sizes.

Rubber boots by ACQUO of Sweden

ACQUO boots are handmade rubber boots in a unique Swedish design. Our boots were first made in the late 70s in Sweden and became extremely popular and highly fashionable to wear. Re-launched in 2016, we have returned with new exciting versions of our boots!

Handmade and fashionable wellingtons for those rainy days, for the evening out or for a casual date. Your style, your choice. We love the thigh high boots with a pretty dress! ACQUO boots have amazing detailing and are in amazing quality. Everything to make you look fabulous.

Vegan friendly boots

We care about the environment, the animals and our customers, and want to offer animal friendly products. The shaft and sole of our boots are made of 100% natural rubber and every part of the boot is made of vegan friendly materials.  A great alternative to leather – if they get dirty you simply wash them off and they will be as new again. The perfect boot for every occasion! Get inspiration on how to wear your ACQUO rubber boot: We want to inspire you to play with your style and with our wellies. Take a look how a pair of rubber boots can look! Don’t compromise your look because it’s raining. Discover the possibilities >