Step into the world of ACQUO

The world’s first book featuring exclusive ACQUO Wellington Boots is finally here!

The vintage Swedish company ACQUO of Sweden manufactures and sells the world’s most exclusive wellington boots. As part of Swedish industrial history since the 70s, they have now published a lavish book that presents the handmade and 100 percent vegan boot as both a luxurious but also environmentally friendly garment that stands the test of time and ideal in all weathers.

ACQUO of Sweden is a Swedish company steadily growing with customers all over the world. Now they are publishing the big luxury book “Step into the world of ACQUO” with the unique wellies as a focus.

– I wanted to create, inspire and invest in culture at a time when people really need inspiration for the future, says Jessica Lingonstierna, CEO and owner of the company.

Despite the prevailing pandemic, Jessica wanted to celebrate that her business had been running for five years and did not see Corona as an insurmountable obstacle, but instead wanted to give people the opportunity to work with something fun and creative. Jessica’s belief is that everyone needs to think sustainably and start planning their consumption.

– It is not about cutting back on style, elegance, and the way we express ourselves, but to create a lifestyle and a wardrobe with the environment in mind.

Jessica was concerned about how photographers, models and even her own company were affected by Covid. Therefore, she took hold of a dream she had for several years. Namely an idea and concept to create an exciting “Coffee table photography book” with a focus on Acquo Boots and women from all walks of life. Women who want to combine family life with a career and a sense of luxury.

Jessica hired four photographers, an illustrator and more than 20 women as models. Layout and graphic design she did herself. Among the participants are the award-winning English photographer Guy Reece published in many leading newspapers, magazines such as Vogue and Elle magazine, and Christy Rilling who is former First Lady Michelle Obama’s personal stylist and tailor.

Christy who works with many celebrities in the US and around the world is featuring her own designs in the book and is also a model in the book, Jessica says. The two Swedish photographers are Yohanna Idha who is also an actress and model and HannaH Hedin who is a well-established photographer. Both Yohanna and Hannah have an intense passion for capturing the beauty of the world around them.

It all now culminates in a 168-page book filled with inspiring, vivid and creative images of career women and mothers from different backgrounds and ages. The book focuses on women from Sweden, England and the USA.

– It’s not just Models and celebrities but women in the middle of life of all ages. The oldest in the book is 63 years old and the youngest is 6 years old. I really want to show that we can all find play, movement and beauty within us. That you can create despite dark times. It’s not just a matter of keeping your feet dry!


Photographer: Crelle Ekstrand