Say Hello to ACQUO Shine spray 🙂 Our new family member here at ACQUO of Sweden.

ACQUO Super Shine Spray is a spray-on product designed to work quickly and restore the beautiful shine of your ACQUO Rubber Boots. It keeps your rubber boots clean and sealed from dust and provides a long lasting, deep shine. Simply spray on your boots to give them a new stunning finish. This awesome product can enhance and revive the appearance of your rubber boots.

This is a cruelty free product as no animal testing has been done.

ACQUO Super Cloth is the perfect companion for ACQUO Super Shine Spray. The Cloth is specially tailored for complete care of your rubber boots. Our Super Cloth is made of soft and tightly woven material for high quality rubber care in combination with our new shine spray.

Your Boots will look absolutely stunning with this spray! You will be amazed!!!!


Over the knee boots have been in fashion since the 70’s. ACQUO of Sweden offer elegant and stylish rubber boots that are perfect for every season.

These long rubber boots have a chic look in both sunny and rainy weather. They are also called Wellington boots and inspire style icons to create a cutting-edge look, from ultimate street style to contemporary and sophisticated woman.

Thigh high boots are always popular for an attractive and confident look. These wellington boots can be paired up with a short summer dress or with jeans for a trendy yet casual look. You can never go out of style with fashionable wellies whether it is raining or not. Wellingtons can also go very well with skirts, tights and leggings. Or with an oversized turtle neck, skinny jeans and a pair of wellingtons you need nothing else to elaborate your style statement.

You can breathe new life into a pencil skirt with heeled over the knee boots and get so many eyes on you. ACQUO boots cover almost all style statements which keep them in fashion all year.

These hand-made and fashionable boots are great for date nights or evenings out with friends. ACQUO boots are comfortable and can be worn anywhere and everywhere. ACQUO Wellington boots are really soft as compared to other rubber boots which makes them highly desirable amongst other styles of footwear.

ACQUO rubber boots are shiny and keep your feet dry during rainy days. ACQUO boots are made of natural rubber and they provide a beautiful look of leather which makes them compatible for all outfits and fashion trends. They are beautifully contoured to the legs so they never fall down, maintaining a well-structured look of the boots. In the picture: All 3 models are wearing Lexington Boots. ACQUO Lexington has a shaft that is 60 cm high and a heel of 6 cm.